ABC maintains a staff to child ratio of 1:9, with two staff members assigned to each class. Parent volunteers are not counted in our adult to child ratio.


Outside playtime

Outside playtime

Morning Preschool/Living Waters
(MWF or TTH)
Class Time 9:15-11:45

9:05 Doors open/Arrival
9:15  Preschool starts/Free play
9:45 Story & Share bag
9:50 Clean-up                                                       9:55 Bathroom Break
10:05 Snack                                                                  10:20 Wash hands
10:25 Morning meeting (greeting, prayer, Tom's bag, songs, calendar, weather)
10:40 Outdoor Centers
11:35 Bathroom Break/Wash hands
11:40 Prepare to go home
11:45 Dismissal

Lunch League (MWF Only)

11:45 Bathroom break
11:50 Lunch
12:30 Free play

Afternoon Pre-K (MWF)
Class time 12:30-3:30

12:20 Doors Open/Arrival
12:30 Preschool starts/Free play
12:50 Story                                                           12:55 Clean-up                                                         1:00 Bathroom break
1:05 Movement and Music
1:10 Afternoon meeting (greeting, prayer, Tom's bag, calendar, weather)
1:30 Outdoor Centers
2:25 Bathroom break
2:35 Snack
2:45 Share bag & Class book
2:55 Outdoor play or large muscle play
3:20 Bathroom break/Wash hands
3:25 Prepare to go home
3:30 Dismissal


2014 Halloween parade

2014 Halloween parade

Morning Preschool/St Joe's (TTH)
Class Time 9:15-11:45

9:05 Doors open/Arrival
9:15 Preschool starts/Free play
9:45 Clean-up
9:45 Morning meeting-(Greet each other, prayer, surprise box/share bag)
9:55 Movement and music
10:00 Bathroom break/Wash hands
10:15 Snack
10:30 Calendar/Weather
10:40 Centers-(Easel, art, math, science, fine motor, dramatic play, construction, language, and sensory)
11:05 Clean-up
11:10 Story & Class Book
11:20 Outdoor play or indoor large muscle play & music
11:40 Prepare to go home
11:45 Dismissal



Mission Statement

By focusing on the whole child, Abiding Branches Cooperative provides a safe and nurturing Christian education to children 33 months to 5 years of age.

Parent Classroom Helpers

Experts recognize the importance of children's early learning experiences. They know that a parent's lively interest and interaction stimulate a child's mind and influence a lifetime of learning ability. Parents at ABC Preschool volunteer in their child's classroom from 15-20 hours per year.

Parents select the dates they help in the classroom online before school starts. There are one or two parent helpers in the classroom at a time depending on the number of students in the class. 

Other volunteer opportunities are available for families who cannot help out during the day.